Smart Bio Fertilizer

Smart Bio Fertilizer

BioCombact was created by experts and enthusiast to develop and commercialize the Smart Bio Fertilizer (SBF).

SBF is a microbial fertilizer with pesticide features. It is an innovative mixture of microbial and mineral components which substantially increases the conversion rate and yield of a variety of crops in different types of soil.

SBF improves the overall output and sustainability of crop farming in general, including organic farming.

During the last decades, the increase of agricultural production was based mainly on heavy use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. High effectiveness and easiness of use of chemicals had significant negative impact on environmental contamination and the accumulation of residues in the food chain, but also to the emergence of resistant strains of pathogens, leading to further social, economic and healthcare problems.

The idea behind the SBF is to develop a platform product, combining mineral substrates and compounds with biological agents – bacteria and algae – which can respond to the main challenge: enabling plant disease control and efficient fertilization, while at the same time eliminating adverse effects of pests growing resistance, pollution, contamination, toxicity and soil quality degradation caused by the usage of common chemically based fertilizers and pesticides


The Challenge

The challenge we have recognized is formulating a set of environmentally friendly and healthcare-safe bio-based mixtures, to act as a highly efficient biofertilizers with pesticide characteristics, relatively simple and inexpensive to produce in easily scalable quantities.

Constant increase in demand for food globally, and consequently for the industrially relevant crops and plants within physically limited farming areas is requiring new methods and models to increase yields and conversion rates of crops in a variety of soil types. One of the main adverse factors to reach these goals which we are addressing is the increasing resilience of plant disease pathogens to the classical chemical pesticide treatments.
The control of plant diseases, which are responsible for the loss of at least 15% of produced food worldwide, is necessary to maintain the production and quality of crops locally and globally.

The Solution

Our response to the challenge is a mixture of compost and charcoal (char) as the substrate, populated by biological components of selected bacteria and algae, acting as the fertilizer and pesticide at the same time. Each of these components adds some positive impact as response to the challenge, but combined they provide significant synergistic effect.

Biological control using natural antagonist microorganisms, defined and formulated as biopesticides and biofertilizers in practical application, has been highlighted throughout the global research as a promising alternative to the usage of chemical pesticides, providing numerous advantages over chemical pesticides in terms of sustainability, mode of action and toxicity compared to chemicals, and it has been confirmed by the extensive testing and application.

SBF Story Visualised

SBF in Testing

Packed SBF ready for blind tests in the field

SBF in Action

Corn yield with SBF applied in production

SBF in Production

SBF package ready to boost growth

SBF Effects Visualised

SBF in the Field

Negative Control / Positive Control / SBF Treatment

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