Our Products and Services

Our development has crystalized in interleaved, yet distinct areas of products and services we provide.

Regardless of the actual products or services specifics, our entire portfolio adheres to our mission, vision and values, with the ultimate goal of contributing to environmentally friendly, sustainable development in biotechnology and farming.

Based on our references, assumed business model and development vision, we have raised 100k+ US$ of start-up funding, to reach the first active Smart Bio Fertilizer variant.

Our Core Output

Biotechnology Products

Our know-how and experience in the areas of R&D and microbiome analysis, as well as our commitment to sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions to the existing challenges in farming, have materialized in our product range, starting with the Smart Bio Fertilizer.


The markets for biostimulants and biopesticides are growing rapidly as global agriculture looks for sustainable ways to boost yields and new ways to protect crops. At the same time, there is a growing concern related to the long-term  effects of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Those change the soil composition and induce the emergence of resilient streams of pathogens, thus hampering the agricultural output potential while at the same presenting the risks for food safety and health.

Our response is active development of a series of products which are bio-based, safe for humans and the environment, based on the local microbiome and above all, efficient and effective in  contributing to the overall crop farming output. Also, our products are suitable for organic farming and they can be easily localized for any particular market and crop type.

envrionment friendly sustainable solutions

Our key service

Microbiome Analysis

The microbiome is the collection of microorganisms that live in a particular environment, and it plays an essential role in maintaining the health of the environment and its inhabitants. The analysis of microbiomes is crucial in understanding the composition, diversity, and function of these microorganisms in a particular habitat.

To achieve this, we have established  analytical service to provide reliable, structured, and accurate results of microbiological analysis of microbiome contained in a variety of substrates, including water. Our service relies on state-of-the-art equipment and facilities to ensure that the analyses are conducted accurately and efficiently.

Our staff comprises a team of microbiologists, biochemists, and technicians, operating under strict quality control system and stringent safety protocols. The  services we provide are essential in understanding the composition, diversity, and function of microbiomes in different environments, and they have numerous applications in environmental, agricultural, and medical fields.

Microbiome Analysis

our unique service

Compost Analysis

As a result of extensive R&D activities undertaken in developing innovative composting process and equipment, BioCombact has developed a set of processes and procedures allowing for the qualitative and quantitative characterization of compost. The expertise originates from previous research aiming to establish optimal composition of compost based on the range of inputs / raw materials, including a broad spectrum of organic materials.


The organic matter used for composting can contain various toxins: heavy metals, antibiotics, pesticides, petroleum products, odors, which might interfere with the composting process and reduce the quality of the final product.

As that is critical for the usability and quality of compost, in this situation, before composting, we treat the waste with specific types of algae that can break down the detected toxins with their enzymes.

Developing such solution for our own key product, has led us to develop, test and validate technology and methodology for determining the compost quality.

We use a range of microbiological, chemical and physical analyses in order to obtain the overall quality assessment of the compost, not only the compost we produce, but also any other composting process output that needs to be assessed or validated.

our core competence

Research and Development

We specialize in providing R&D services in the areas of microbiology, genetics, bacteriology, microbiome, metagenomics, and relevant fields with the perspective to develop new or enhanced methods, materials or processes. Our team is equipped with extensive knowledge and experience in the transforming new ideas and concepts into tangible, measurable results.


Our R&D services include the development and optimization of new microbiological and genetic assays, identification of new microbial species, characterization of microbial communities, gene expression analysis, and microbiome analysis.

We use state-of-the-art equipment and the latest techniques to ensure that their results are accurate, reliable, and reproducible.

We are also able to provide customized solutions to meet the unique needs of our partners. Close cooperation enables us to clearly identify needs and goals, and develop a customized approach that addresses specific requirements. We also work with clients to design and implement new research projects, develop grant proposals, and publish research papers.

Research and Development

growth and development

Traning and Consulting

We offer training and consulting services related to basic and advanced techniques in microbiological and genetic analyses.

We posses in-depth knowledge and understanding of the key aspects and technologies involved and we can provide customized solutions to meet the unique needs of each client or task at hand.

staff development

We can provide a range of training models, including training workshops, seminars, and one-on-one coaching sessions. The training workshops cover a broad range of topics, including microbial identification, microbial enumeration, DNA sequencing, and gene expression analysis. The workshops are designed to provide hands-on experience and practical training, and they are tailored to meet the needs of beginners and advanced practitioners, depending on the actual scope in each individual situation.

Through our consulting services we provide expert advice and guidance on various aspects of microbiological and genetic analyses. The consulting services are designed to help clients identify and solve specific problems and challenges related to their immediate or long-term challenges and tasks.


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