About Us

BioCombact has emerged from a Smart Bio Fertilizer Team, the group of experts with huge enthusiasm and authentic desire to employ their expertise and experience in developing advanced, sustainable solutions in agriculture and ecology. 

We have gathered around a challenge of formulating a set of environmentally friendly and healthcare-safe bio-based mixtures, to act as a highly efficient biofertilizers with pesticide characteristics.

We have employed our strengths and experience to develop and put to market a mixture of innovative compost and bio-charcoal as the organic mineral component, combined with biological components of selected bacteria and algae, acting as the fertilizer and pesticide at the same time.

Based on our references, assumed business model and development vision, we have raised 100k+ US$ of start-up funding, to reach the first active Smart Bio Fertilizer variant.

Our Mission

Our mission is to engage our skills and competences to increase the sustainability and effectiveness of the application of biotechnology products globally.

Our Vision

Our vision is to improve plant disease control and efficient fertilization, while at the same time eliminating adverse effects of pests growing resistance, pollution, contamination, toxicity and soil quality degradation caused by the usage of common chemically based fertilizers and pesticides

Our Values

Our values include integrity, reliability, dedication and full commitment to resolving the issues we recognize as the main obstacles in reaching more sustainable, environmentally friendly agriculture.

Our Location is Serbia, Our Outreach is Global

Get in touch with us, join our network of partners and let us build sustainable, environmentally friendly solutions and products together.

Connect with BioCombact

Connect with us and lay out your ideas, concerns, challenges or proposals for cooperation. We are curious and ready to innovate or employ our resources to resolve existing challenges.